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Charity Christmas Card

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Lucy has been volunteering at The Soup Kitchen in London where she met the artist of this Christmas card, a 63 year old lady who sleeps rough in London train stations. 

The artist's story and personality stuck with Lucy and made a big impact on her, so after having a brainstorm of ways to help her, and knowing her artistic skills, it was decided that she would design a Christmas Card for us.

  • 100% of the money from the sale of these cards will go to the artist to help get her into stable housing and off the streets for good.
The cards will be sent to out to you by Royal Mail, rather than with a courier (due to the very nature of the cards and the spirit of compassion which inspired the cards, we want to keep shipping costs to a minimum for you).

    We would also like to point out that the card has been printed for free by Stephanie Harper, a local print maker who designs bespoke cards and prints.  Thank you Steph, for helping and making this possible.

    The Soup Kitchen feeds, clothes and provides mental health support to over 100 homeless and vulnerable people in London each day.  None of that is possible without countless volunteers and donors. 

    Thank you for ordering the Christmas Card and for making a difference. 

    Click here for details about The Soup Kitchen.

    Click here for details about Stephanie and her company, Home with Harper.

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    Carol T

    Wonderful cards that will give great pleasure to those lucky enough to be sent them, such a good idea and concept. The design is amazing as is the quality. Much better value than anything else I've looked at as the proceeds go directly to the artist. I do hope you sell enough to make a real difference to the artist's future

    Thanks for this Carol and for your support in buying the cards. We've been overwhelmed by the wonderful support and, as you've said, it's good to know that the artist will receive 100% of the price paid for the card. We are also grateful to Stephanie Harper of Home with Harper, who printed the cards for free. Petrina

    Dawn P

    Loverly design and a worthy cause

    Thank you for sharing this.


    Such an amazing way to make a difference. The card is lovely and I hope and pray the lady gets the money she needs quickly

    Hi Indy, thank you so much for your review, and for all of your support in purchasing the cards. Daisy

    Chloe F

    Fantastic cause/charity.

    Hi Chloe, thank you so much for your review, and for your support in purchasing the cards. Daisy

    Kerry M

    Beautiful and delicate design that is so pretty in real life and great to know they will make a difference

    Hi Kerry, Many thanks for your support in purchasing our Charity Christmas Card. As mentioned, the full price of the cards is given to the artist and we've been overwhelmed by their support. Take care, Petrina