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Epsom Bath Salt 1kg

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Epsom salts have been used for centuries as an age-old beauty treatment. Indulge in some relaxing ‘me time’ and soak in an Epsom salts bath.  

  • Healing for aching muscles and back pain
  • Ideal for those who are active and sports enthusiasts
  • Soothing and relaxing
  • Great to help reduce swelling associated with arthritis
  • An ideal way to top up on magnesium by soaking in a luxurious bath to allow the mineral to be absorbed
  • We donate to charity with every sale - see here for details

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    How to Use

    Run a warm bath, add 250g of our salt, lay back and relax for 15 - 20 minutes and allow the minerals to be absorbed. Or use in a relaxing foot soak to relieve tired feet.


    Our new recyclable box packaging for our range of Bath Salts has reduced waste by 55%.

    The box itself is FSC card, which in addition to being recyclable, is also compostable and biodegradable.

    We need to pack the salts into an inner bag to a) protect the packaging and b) avoid any of the product spilling through the seams.

    We’re unable to use a compostable bag for this because the salt contains a (very) small amount of moisture* and this would lead to the bag degrading before you’ve potentially had time to use the salt – *this is also why we can’t pack the salts straight into the card box.

    More Info

    Where am I From?
    Originally a naturally occurring mineral that's rich in magnesium and sulphate, Epsom Salts were first discovered in the 17th Century by a farmer in Epsom, Surrey, hence the name! Today however they are produced by replacing the carbon found in naturally occurring rock called Dolomite and substituting it with Sulphur to create Magnesium Sulphate, a pure mineral compound. 


    100% Epsom Salts - for external use


    1. Is Epsom Salt Safe to Bathe in? 

    Lucy Bee Epsom Salts are great to use in the bath. Simply add 250g to a bath or running water and lay back and relax for up to 20 minutes, to allow the minerals to be absorbed through your skin. 

    1. What is Epsom Salt? 

    Epsom Salt has been used for centuries as an age-old beauty treatment. Epsom salts are also known as Magnesium Sulphate (with the chemical formula MgSO4.7H20). They are a mix of magnesium, sulphates and oxygen. They are made from a rock substance called Dolomite, found in the mountainous regions of the Southern Alps. These rocks are naturally rich in salts containing the metals calcium and magnesium, as well as carbon and oxygen.

    During the manufacturing process, the carbon found in these rocks will be replaced with the sulphate, giving us the salts we now know and love.

    1. Can You drink / Eat Epsom Salt? 

    Lucy Bee Epsom Salt is for external use only.

    1. What is Epsom Salt Used / Good for? 

    Epsom Salt is ideal to soothe tired and aching muscles and back pain. It can also help reduce water retention, bloating and cramps and can help reduce swelling associated with arthritis.

    1. Can You Get Magnesium From Epsom Salts 

    Lucy Bee Epsom Salt contains magnesium and your body cab absorb this, through the skin. Add 250g to a bath of running water and lay back and relax for 15-20 minutes.

    1. Are Epsom Baths Safe Every Day? 

    Yes, Epsom salts can be used daily, particularly if you’re very active. Alternatively, using them 2-3 times per week is generally sufficient.

    1. How Much Epsom to Use in a bath? 

    We recommend using 250g of Lucy Bee Epsom Salts in a bath.

    1. Where Does Epsom Salt Come From? 

    They are made from a rock substance called Dolomite, found in the mountainous regions of the Southern Alps. These rocks are naturally rich in salts containing the metals calcium and magnesium, as well as carbon and oxygen.

    How to Use Video: Body Scrub



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        4.86 Average

        29 Reviews

        Amanda F

        I do a lot of exercise and love using these in a hot bath after an intense work out. I have recommended and brought these for most members of my family.

        You sound as big a fan as we are! A relaxing soak in an Epsom Bath is perfect for aching muscles. Petrina

        rob f

        Used a quarter of this in my bath after a 15 mile run. It must have done the trick. Will definitely use this again

        An Epsom Salt bath is a great way to absorb the magnesium and other beneficial minerals. Did you know we donate 15p to our chosen charity, Love Support Unite Africa, from the sale of every tub of our Bath Salts? Petrina

        Kathleen U

        Love my baths so relaxing

        Great to hear that you're enjoying the Epsom Bath Salts. You should try making a body scrub with the salts and our coconut oil, it leaves your skin feeling so soft and moisturised afterwards. Georgia

        Lauren H

        Been on a 90 day training plan and struggling with muscle aches - I used this in a bath with some Lucy bee coconut oil and WOW! Love it! My skin is so soft and really helped to ease my aches. Great value for money too :)

        Thank you for your great review, Lauren - we're really glad to hear they are helping. Lots of people make a scrub with the coconut oil and salt, exfoliate first then get into the bath and let it soak in. Enjoy! Georgia

        Jade M

        When we push our bodys to become as strong as we can possibly make them, I could not live without this to relax my muscles and allow them to fully recover. When running low I am straight on ordering the next batch

        Thanks for sharing. We love this in the bath to absorb the beneficial minerals. Petrina


        Andrea W

        Fabulously relaxing in a bath

        Thank you for your review, Andrea. We're glad to hear you're enjoying your Epsom Salt - we love it too. Have you tried making a body scrub with the salt and coconut oil? There are lots of beauty recipes on our website - Georgia


        Epsom salts have been fantastic for me for easing bloating , cramps. Have also been great and really worked for muscle fatigue and any soreness after i've exercised They have even managed to get rid of a verucca by drawing the toxins out. Wouldn't be without my Epsom salt baths /scrubs now. I use them twice weekly as really soothe skin . My husband used them after he was knocked off his bike and they really helped with the healing of his back pain As with all the Lucy bee products high quality and fantastic that Lucy bee donates to love support unite from this product.

        Thank you for your review Ellie and I'm pleased to hear you and your family are enjoying using our Epsom Salts, Petrina


        it is what it says on the outside - useful container too

        "its o

        order these on subscription through amazon great to ease tired and painful muscles, loved by all the family - if you want a fragrance just add a few drops of essential oil


        Love relaxing and having a restful soak.


        i use these salts with coconut oil as a body scrub. Excellent


        I bought this product for my aching muscles and thought i would try Lucy Bee brand as i love their coconut oil. I love the packaging simple but good looking and can be recycled. The salts them self seemed goid quality and have deffinately made a diffrrence to my aching muscles after the gym.

        "Beccie E

        I've been using these for Epsom salt baths and they are great!


        These are great. Not only do they look more expensive than they were - we paid 猷5.... but they went down a treat as a gift for someone.


        A large box very good as a gift also


        my wife uses many products from this company and she is very happy with them all

        "Torquay J

        Really relaxing in hot bath with coconut oil as suggested by the manufacturers.


        Used this for a few weeks & I could tell the difference after. A lot less achy & more relaxed. I also used it with coconut oil as a body scrub & it was lovely! Didn't last very long but would buy again.


        Love lucy bee things

        "Rebecca P

        Banish achy muscles! Perfect for soaking after a big workout, gets rid of tired legs in 20 mins. This is my second tub now and I think they are brilliant.


        So versatile, I really recommend the book by Lucy Bee for so many natural health beauty treatments

        "Amazon C

        Enjoyed using the salts in a relaxing bath.

        "Amazon C

        Gave to a dancer as a present and he loves them!

        "Maxine P

        Bath is a bit stingy but has been very good for getting magnesium into my tired son

        "The W

        very pleased............thank you.........

        "Amazon C

        Happy with these, prompt delivery thank you.

        "Amazon C



        Love Lucy Bee products, massive fan of her coconut oil range and discovered a new range of bath essentials and had to have it! Been bathing in the Epsom salts for over 2 weeks, can't confirm health benefits yet and compare to other brands but skin feels smoother when added in a pot with coconut oil and used as a scrub! Face has had a massive spot outbreak, maybe this is is the detox period, will continue to use and see if anything changes Bought 2 packs that was packaged well, value for money I suppose. Never used Epsom salts before so don't know what to look for but happy enough with purchase