Himalayan Bath Salt 1kg
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Himalayan Bath Salt 1kg

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100% natural and unrefined to retain its natural properties. Mined from ancient pure crystal salt deposits formed through huge amounts of pressure over millions of years, leaving them untouched by modern pollutants and toxins.

  • 100% fine pink Himalayan Salt - for external use
  • Use to relax and unwind after a long day
  • Rich in electrolytes and important trace minerals which are often lost through sweating
  • Hydrating
  • Helpful in promoting a restful sleep
  • Healing for skin
  • Use it in your beauty regime for bathing, detoxifying and rejuvenating
  • We donate to charity with every sale - see here for details
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How to Use

Run a warm bath, add 250g of our salt, lay back and relax for 15 - 20 minutes and allow the minerals to be absorbed. This fine salt is also ideal to use in a body scrub or face scrub.


Our new recyclable box packaging for our range of Bath Salts has reduced waste by 55%.

The box itself is FSC card, which in addition to being recyclable, is also compostable and biodegradable.

We need to pack the salts into an inner bag to a) protect the packaging and b) avoid any of the product spilling through the seams.

We’re unable to use a compostable bag for this because the salt contains a (very) small amount of moisture* and this would lead to the bag degrading before you’ve potentially had time to use the salt – *this is also why we can’t pack the salts straight into the card box.

More Info

Where am I From?

It’s widely documented that all Himalayan salt comes from the Punjab region of Pakistan. Ours is mined in the Punjab region at the Khewra Salt Mine, which is the second largest salt mine in the world. The actual foothills of the mine lie 190 miles from the Himalayas, with the mine extending far into the hillside, a mineral-rich mountain system


100% Himalayan Salt - for external use only


  1. Why Use Himalayan Pink Salt? 

Himalayan pink bath salt is ideal to help you relax and unwind after a long, hard day. It is detoxifying and rejuvenating for the body and can help to give you a restful sleep if used in the bath.

  1. How Much Himalayan Salt in a Bath? 

Ass 250g of our Himalayan Bath Salt to a bath of running water, then lay back and relax for 15-20 minutes, allowing the minerals to be absorbed through your skin.

  1. How Much Sodium in a Teaspoon of Himalayan Salt? 

Himalayan Salt is 98.7% sodium chloride. This is made up of 38% sodium and 59% chloride.

  1. What is Pink Salt? 

Pink salt is Himalayan salt and it’s the trace minerals in it which give it its pink colour.

  1. Are You Supposed to Soak in Himalayan Pink Salt? 

Yes, to allow the minerals to be absorbed through your skin, add 250g of Himalayan Salt to a bath and soak in it for 15-20 minutes.

  1. How to Take a Himalayan Salt Bath 

Add 250g Lucy Bee Himalayan Bath Salt to a running bath then lay back and relax in it for 15-20 minutes, to allow the minerals to be absorbed. 

  1. Is Himalayan Salt Safe? 

Himalayan Salt is free from toxins and pollutants because this rose-coloured salt hails from the foothills of the Himalayas and is millions of years old. It is known for being pure and untouched by impurities.

  1. Is Himalayan Salt Good for Your Skin? 

Himalayan Salt is healing for the skin, as well as being hydrating. It replenishes trace minerals which are lost through sweating.

  1. How Much Pink Salt in a Bath? 

Use 250g of Lucy Bee Himalayan Bath Salt in a bath, then lay back and relax, allowing the minerals to be absorbed into your skin.

  1. Does Himalayan Pink Salt Have Iodine? 

Himalayan Salt contains a very small amount of iodine - <0.1g/kg

  1. How Much Sodium in Pink Salt? 

Himalayan pink salt contains 38% sodium.

How to Use Video: Body Scrub



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85 Reviews

Ella F

I use this for cooking as well as making the body scrub from the Lucy Bee beauty book. Great quality and great value for money if you buy the large one. Would highly recommend.

Hi Ella, Thank you for your great review. It's great to hear you love the salts as much as we do! And that you are experimenting and making the scrub from our beauty book :) Hannah


Such good value for money considering the quality of the product! Lovely and relaxing bath, I also add the Sri lanken coconut oil, my skin feels amazing after!

With our Bath Salts, since we're unable to buy these Fair Trade, we make a donation to charity. We've been working with Love Support Unite, a charity working in Malawi, where these donations have been used to fund 8 farms, giving food stability to families. You can read more on this on our website www.lucybee.com and search for Charity at no Cost. Petrina


Helen E

Mix with the coconut oil for a luxurious bath treat.

Hi Helen, Thanks for this. Since we're unable to buy our Bath Salts Fair Trade, we donate 15p for every Salt sold to a chosen charity - at the moment, this goes to Love Support Unite, a charity helping to change and improve lives in Malawi. Petrina


just trying it out, looks lovely

Great to hear that you are happy with the look of your salt. It makes a lovely relaxing bath even better, especially if you have sore, tired, aching muscles. Let us know how you get on! Georgia

Fleur-Melissa E

V relaxing & dissolves nicely in the water

Thank you for your review, Fleur. We're so glad that you're enjoying your Himalayan Salt. This is lovely to make a scrub with as well if you mix it with our coconut oil. We have lots of recipes on our website - www.lucybee.com

Darren C

Great for the bath and for cooking

"Amazon C

Fine salt, the one I had before was crystals so had to grind it before use. This is fine and ready to use.


If you want a big batch of himalayan salt, this is perfect for you!


This was so affordable. I was looking at the 500g options but they were almost the same price as the 1kg so it was a no-brainer. I use Himalayan salt in all my cooking as I have chronic fatigue - easily get low in electrolytes like potassium, sodium and magnesium, so supplementation is important - but I'll also try it in a bath as suggested on the packaging. Packaging is not air tight so the salt does absorb some moisture from the air. If you want to avoid that, just transfer it to an airtight jar.

"Nicla D

It also tastes better than other salts I've tried before...

"Amazon C

Really great price!


Have been using this salt for years.

"J C

Nice salt ..well packed


Excellent for cooking & very economical way to buy. Also great in the bath & as a scrub

"Natasha C

Lovely product although would be better in a different container as not ideal in damp environments


Great product, well packed Ordered more, very happy


This pink salt is a very good quality salt & I reckoned when you use pink salt you would use less quantity of salt than normal salt!!

"Robert D

It's hard to explain but it really does taste better than regular salt


Fast delivery,great product, if you put some I. Your dogs water bowl it's good for them too. Start of with two bowls of water out and add in one . Why shouldn't our babies get good nutrition too?


Use this everyday and it's a bargain. Buy it.


Great for cooking, and last for ages. Would definitely recommend


Good salt and the best price for quality I could find. The salt does seem to absorb damp easily, but that could be more due to this type of salt than this particular brand.

"Fabiola P

Loved it for all purposes

"Dr. A

Great product

"James J

Good product, good price

"Caroline Q


"Beckie D

I love the Lucy Bee range of products. We made the decision to cut out all white salt and replace with pink salt. So far I have only used this for cooking but I believe it has so many other uses to. It is a very fine salt so doesn't need any grinding down. The only thing you may need if you are cooking with the salt is to buy an additional salt storage container as the salt comes in a plastic bag inside the box which is not the most practical if you want to add salt during cooking.


Very nice.


Good Quality and delivered on time