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Organic Raw Creamed Coconut 500g

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"My absolute FAVOURITE, I LOVE this stuff and I’ve used it so much since I got my hands on a jar. Who knew that making your own coconut milk could be so simple! It’s the easiest thing to add to recipes if a sauce needs thickening or if a dish needs just a tiny bit more oomph as it has a rich coconut aroma and flavour. With creamed coconut, you make as much or as little as you need which means there’s less waste; it’s more economical; and environmentally friendly, with less packaging to throw away." - Lucy

No need to ever buy canned coconut milk again (and end up throwing half away!) - make as much or as little coconut milk as needed. It’s also great for adding a creaminess to dishes.

  • 500g Jar = 6 x 400ml Cans of Coconut Milk
  • Gluten and Dairy Free
  • Nut and Peanut Free
  • Non GM and No Additives
  • Fair Trade
  • Recyclable glass jar and easy peel, biodegradable label

Our Creamed Coconut from the Philippines is unsweetened, fresh, organic coconut kernel which has been dried and pureed and naturally contains some coconut oil.

It adds a rich creaminess to dishes and is perfect for making your own coconut milk.

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How to use

With your jar of Creamed Coconut, it's natural for the coconut oil to separate from the coconut meat. The oil will solidify and sit on the top - if you look at the side of the jar, you can see this as white at the top and then the coconut meat shows as a creamy colour. The oil needs to be mixed in with the coconut meat to use - warm the jar (we stand ours in a bowl of hot water at 64C, for around 30 minutes; or in colder weather you could stand the jar on a warm radiator), then stir and mix it together. We do not recommend using a microwave to heat this product as it can burn.

This is particularly important if making coconut milk, to make sure it blends properly. For a delicious, all natural coconut milk simply blend Lucy Bee Creamed Coconut with room temperature or warm water, using more or less depending on the richness required.

It can also be stirred into casseroles and sauces; used as a dairy free creamy frosting for bakes and cakes; or simply use as a vegan spread.

Not recommended for frying or using in a microwave.

More Info

What do I Taste Like?
Our natural and unrefined Creamed Coconut has a rich coconut aroma and flavour.


Where am I From?
Lucy Bee Creamed Coconut is from the Philippines. These coconuts are grown using organic farming principles in an agroforestry environment.


Why Fair Trade?

This Fair Trade premium improves the lives of those workers involved in producing the Creamed Coconut through:

    • Funds to feed undernourished children
    • Coconut (re)planting programs for sustainability
    • Student subsidy for children of coconut farmers
    • Community development projects
    • Fair wages
    • Life insurance for workers
    • A low-interest lending programme for farmers


    1. Best Creamed Coconut Recipes 

    Creamed Coconut can be used to make coconut milk or added to sauces for creaminess. It also works well in bakes such as:

    Orange and Creamed Coconut Cake

    Creamed Coconut Fudge Chocolate

    1. How to Make Coconut Milk 

    Firstly, make sure any separated oil is mixed back into the creamed coconut (this will appear as white at the top of the jar – to mix in, warm the jar and stir into the creamed coconut). To make 200ml of coconut milk, use a high-speed blender and blend 40g Lucy Bee Creamed Coconut with 170ml lukewarm water. If you leave the milk to stand, shake before using.

    See this video How to Make Coconut Milk here 

    1. What is Creamed Coconut? 

    Creamed Coconut is dried, shredded and pureed coconut flesh. It has a rich, creamy texture which can transform dishes.

    1. What do You do with Creamed Coconut? 

    Creamed Coconut can be used in numerous way: make coconut milk; use as a dairy free breakfast milk alternative; stir into soups for a rich creaminess; use when cooking grains such as porridge or rice; use in any recipe requiring coconut milk and you only need to make as much as needed, rather than opening a can and throwing half of it away; use as a butter replacement on toast; in bakes and cakes; and, of course, in curries!

    1. What’s the Difference Between Creamed Coconut and Coconut Milk? 

    Creamed coconut is dried and pureed coconut flesh.

    Coconut milk is made either by:

    • blending together creamed coconut and water
    • or soaking shredded coconut flesh in hot water. Coconut cream rises to the top and can be skimmed off. The liquid that’s left is then squeezed through a cheesecloth to make coconut milk.

    6. Can I use your Creamed Coconut to make coconut milk for my infant son with dairy allergies and does it contain the necessary nutrients as a replacement for milk, for a 1 year old?

    You can replicate coconut milk using our Creamed Coconut, room temperature water and a blender.

    In this particular instance (a one year old with dairy allergies), it’s worth noting that our Creamed Coconut is not fortified with any micronutrients (calcium, vitamin D, B12). So, if you were to use Lucy Bee Creamed Coconut as an alternative to a fortified milk, be aware that you would need to make sure these nutrients are available elsewhere in the diet.

    The great thing about our Creamed Coconut is that you can make the milk whenever you need it, and the exact amount required.

    If you store the creamed coconut milk in the fridge, the creamed coconut and the water will separate because it has no stabilisers in it. To use, simply shake or blitz it together again to combine.

    If using bought, pre-made coconut milk, it’s worth looking at the labelling of ingredients since a lot of companies use sugar(s) or fruit juices to sweeten their drinks as well – this is just something to be aware of.

    Nutritional Information 

    100% Raw  Organic Creamed Coconut
    Typical Values Per 100g
    Energy (kj) 3046
    Energy (kcal) 728
    Fat 68.8g
    of which Saturates 65.7g
    Carbohydrate 21.2g
    of which Sugars 4.5g
    Fibre 11.0g
    Protein 5.9g
    Salt 0.01g

    How To Make Coconut Milk (Video)


    How to Melt Creamed Coconut (Video)



    4.44 Average

    16 Reviews

    Alison G

    Great taste, lovely and creamy, no waste


    This product is wonderful. I have been looking for a coconut milk without rice, gums and synthetic vitamins so when I came across Creamed Coconut I have not looked back since. It is a high quality, natural product so ticks all the boxes for me. I do agree with some comments that it might be not very convenient to make and it hardens up after melting. Having said that, I think we all got to used to convenient, easy food a bit too much, therefore I’m happy to make a conscious choice of a natural product over convenience. I also love reusing the jars for other stuff.

    Hi Karina, thank you for your review and feedback. We completely agree with you that we've all got used to everything being done for us. In the warmer months, we find it's a lot easier to use and mix together. If you find it's solidified then either pop it on the radiator or leave it in a bowl of hot water and it should melt it down quite quickly. If you need any recipe inspiration then feel free to check our website and social media pages - Georgia

    Liz M

    Need to put advisory note on jar to warm before trying to mix and remove creamed coconut as when cold is very hard and oil separates to the top of the jar. Tastes amazing and is sustainable.

    Thank you for your review, Liz. It is stated on the current jar but on our new packaging we have made sure it stands out a lot more, so we have placed a sticker on the top of the lid. We are glad that you love the product. If you are after any inspiration then feel free to check our website -

    Rebecca C

    Great product, however disappointed to see this at a set price of £6 in Morrisons when I paid £7.95 buying direct.

    Thank you for your feedback, Rebecca. We tell stockists our RRP (which in this case is £7.95) but unfortunately we do not have a say over what price they sell it for. We hope you still enjoy using the product and please check our website if you are after any recipe ideas. Georgia


    Lovely stuff!

    Thank you for your review, have you tried making coconut milk with it? We find it tastes delicious with your cereal or in a hot drink! Georgia


    Great products, great customer service! The creamed coconut is one of my favourite products - especially to make coconut milk with. It’s quick, easy and cost affective and I know it’s pure ingredients too!

    Thank you for your brilliant review! We're glad you find it so easy to make the coconut milk. If you're after any recipe inspiration then feel free to check our website -

    Inger P

    Think I would have preferred individual packets in portion sizes, but probably not so environmentally friendly....

    As you say, we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible so we used a glass jar instead of individual sachets. Once opened, the Creamed Coconut lasts for 13 months either in or out of the fridge as long as a clean utensil is used each time to remove the Creamed Coconut. Georgia

    Tina P

    So versatile, love it use it for sweet and savoury dishes. Much better value than tins, no waste.

    Thank you for your review, Tina. We're so happy to hear that you are enjoying your Creamed Coconut. If you're after any recipe inspiration then feel free to check our website and social media pages - Georgia

    Matt H

    I thought I'd gamble on trying this out, seeing as the rest of the LB products I've tried are of such high quality. I almost see it as separate from tinned coconut milk, regardless of it's organicness, or lack thereof, but nevertheless it's fantastic stuff. If it's warmed it can be spread of toast, chipped out and lobbed into curries and soups, or melted into yogurt... or just eat it alone. Certainly better value for money compared to tinned milk, which isn't cheap once you start looking at the high quality organic varieties. Just about to make my second purchase, however much that is worth.

    It's great to hear you're enjoying using our Creamed Coconut in such a variety of ways and, as you mention, it's not just for coconut milk! Petrina


    Just made a curry with this product instead of usual shop bought coconut milk and it tasted so delicious I had to write a review. Just remember before using the first time you have to immerse the whole jar in hot water for 30 mins and stir the oil and coconut together until well mixed, this is essential. What is left is really tasty high quality creamed coconut of far superior quality than other branded creamed coconut blocks which I have tried. It mixed easily with hot water to make simple nutritious coconut milk anytime and quantity required rather than before having to freeze half the tin. This will be a cupboard staple for me alongside Lucy Bee Coconut Oil.

    Thanks for this Kim. As you quite rightly mention, you need to make sure if there's any coconut oil separation that this is stirred back into the creamed coconut before you use it, otherwise you'll only be using oil. Like you, we love being able to make as much or little as needed for the recipe, meaning no waste. Petrina

    Jade M

    Absolutely winning for my curry with this one, soon yummy thank you!

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Jade. Have you tried using it to make your own coconut milk yet? It's ideal for making as much or as little as you need, with no waste. Petrina

    Penelope S

    Love this product! It’s so creamy and delicious! Love it in curries, in smoothies and make coconut milk with it. Very versatile and apart from having to wait 20 mins for it to melt, it’s a fab product and well worth the wait!

    It's great to hear you're enjoying our Creamed Coconut. If it helps, in this colder weather, we often leave a jar on the radiator to help soften it and make it easier to use. Petrina

    Jo W

    This product tastes fantastic, but unfortunately I am finding I have to soak it in warm water for 30+ minutes every time I need to use it whereas the website states you only need to do it the first time. And maybe on occasion in the future. Not only is this massively inconvenient, but it's a huge waste of water as the jar needs to be almost covered to work. Guilt! The implied convenience was a huge draw for me to buy the product and unfortunately it has not delivered on this front.

    Thank you for your review, Jo. We're glad that you like the taste of the product but are sorry to hear that you're having trouble warming it. We find that if you leave it on the radiator you should be able to use it easily (and therefore not waste any water). In our experience, we only needed to warm the jar once to mix the oil back into the creamed coconut but do appreciate that in the colder months it might have to be warmed more than once. Georgia


    I did not know when I bought it that you just mix water and it made coconut milk! This is awesome!

    Thank you for your review. You're right, it is so easy to make milk! If you're using it in recipes with a sauce then a quick tip is just to add the Creamed Coconut and liquid directly into the mixture rather than having to make the coconut milk first. Georgia

    Ian C

    Very dissatisfied with the instructions on the jar which are not as detailed as on this website. My Thai curry was totally car crash using 40g of Lucy Bee Creamed Coconut mixed with 170ml of water as per 'How to use' on the jar - no mention on the jar of melting the contents at 64 degrees for 30 minutes, stir and mix prior to using (?) - a disaster, wasted time, effort, and expensive vegetables plus £6.95 on Creamed Coconut. I guess I may have inadvertently used all the coconut oil scooping from the top of the jar, so it will also be a waste of time melting the remains too...

    HI Ian, We’re really sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with our Creamed Coconut. As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, there is limited space on the label to offer detailed directions regarding temperature and time for mixing the oil back into the creamed coconut. However, the label does state to “stir if any oil separation”. I note you’ve mentioned that you may have used only the coconut oil which had separated. You should be able to still use what’s remaining in the jar. I hope this helps. Petrina

    "Christine H

    I love coconut milk and coconut products anyway but have been so excited about Lucy Bees creamed coconut arriving in the UK! Now I have had my first jar for a week!! I use daily in smoothies, I just add a teaspoon from the jar to the blender along with all other ingredients, Delicious :-) Then coconut milk is SO easy to make. It is just so convenient to use and store and a great product. Proving to be one of the most popular in my cupboard. Thanks Lucy Bee!!