The Lucy Bee Story

A Message from Lucy

Hi, I’m Lucy, the person behind the brand’s name. It was so named because I was diagnosed coeliac at 18 months old, which meant my parents had to completely change the way we ate. They had to constantly check labels and cooking from scratch became the norm in our house. This naturally made us interested in our health, wellbeing and food in general.

When we were introduced to coconut oil, we fell in love with it and wanted to share this with others, so looked at sourcing and importing it. Being fans of natural foods and organic farming, it went without saying that this would have to be organic, extra virgin, raw and Fair Trade, too. Fair Trade is at the foundation of all that we do.

Since then, we’ve added to our range to include those store cupboard staples that we regularly use, still following our ethical principles. In our quest to bring you ingredients of the highest quality, we have searched the world and developed relationships with trusted, like-minded suppliers, who support our Fair Trade policy.

With our Bath Salts range, we’re unable to buy these Fair Trade so instead, we donate 15p per box sold, to a chosen charity. At the moment, we're working with the charity Love Support Unite, with whom we work closely. Click here to find out more.

With our care for the environment, we insist on recyclable packaging and our Coconut Oil is bottled in glass jars with easy peel labels to make them easier to reuse and recycle. We value your support and together, we can all make a difference.

Lucy x