Super Boost Turmeric Blend 125g (Originally Turmeric Latte)

Super Boost Turmeric Blend 125g (Originally Turmeric Latte)

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Our Super Boost Turmeric Blend (formally sold as Turmeric Latte Mix) is a warming blend of turmeric (57%), cardamom, ginger, nutmeg and black pepper powders. This spice blend is perfect to use in drinks and cooking.

  • No Added Sugars or Fillers
  • Gluten and Dairy Free
  • Fair Trade

It is naturally high in:

  • Fibre
  • Potassium - contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure
  • Magnesium and iron - contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Iron also contributes to the normal function of the immune system
  • Manganese - contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress

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How to use

For a tropical blend smoothie:

Blend ½ tsp. Super Boost Turmeric Blend with 4 pieces of mango, 4 pieces of pineapple and 125ml Lucy Bee Coconut Milk.

For a turmeric latte:

Blend 1/4 – 1 tsp. (to suit your taste) Super Boost Turmeric Blend with 250ml Lucy Bee Coconut Milk and optional Lucy Bee Coconut Sugar. Add to a saucepan and gently warm through, to serve.

In cooking:

  • Use as a rub
  • Stir into curries & sauces
  • Liven up breads, bites and bakes
  • Add to homemade granola
  • For a tasty marinade for vegetables, tofu, fish & meat, blend 1 tsp. Super Boost Turmeric Blend with 1 tbsp. melted Lucy Bee Coconut Oil, juice of ½ lemon and optional chilli flakes

What do I Taste Like?

Our organic Super Boost Turmeric Blend has a rich and spicy aroma and flavour – each spice adds its own flavour, resulting in a warm and satisfying drink.

Where am I From?

All of the spices in this mix are grown in Kerala, part of the Indian Peninsula, under organic guidelines.

Why Fair Trade?

We’re passionate about supporting the farmers and workers who grow these spices.

Funds are used in various ways including sustainable community projects, such as water conservation; to pay fair wages; support education for farmers in new techniques, as well as education for children; and ensure contracts for all workers.


Our aim is to use totally eco-friendly packaging. We’ve moved away from our old-style tubs for this product and in addition to our own beliefs, we’ve listened to our customers to reduce waste in all areas possible.

Something that we have to consider when packaging our products is the durability of packaging and whether it is ‘fit for purpose’. By this we mean that the products have to reach you in one piece, be kept fresh for you to enjoy and that we use materials which are suitable for the product itself.

Whilst our old-style tubs are recyclable, we realised that these are not as eco-friendly as we would like them to be and so we’ve been busy repackaging our range of powders to use FSC cartons instead.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) improves how the world’s forests are managed so all of our new cartons carry the FSC logo. The FSC card carton is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

To ensure the powders are kept fresh and uncontaminated, they are packaged in an inner bag which is recyclable, and then placed into the carton.

We have to get the cartons from the packers to our warehouse or to stores. To do this, we use sturdy cardboard boxes which double up as a shelf-ready tray for use in stores. This replaces our old card trays and plastic shrink-wrap. In this way, we’re reducing waste and plastic.


1.How to Make Turmeric Milk? 

Blend ½ to 1 teaspoon of Lucy Bee Super Boost Turmeric Blend with 250ml of
your favourite milk, then heat through. Sweeten if that’s how
you like it.

2. Where is Turmeric Found?

 Turmeric is a root and is part of the ginger family. The turmeric
in our Turmeric Blend is grown in Kerala, India.

3. What Does Turmeric Contain? 

Turmeric contains the active ingredient, Curcumin, which gives
it its vibrant colour. The turmeric in our blend contains 3.4%
curcumin – a typical root contains about 2-5%.

4. Does Turmeric Stain Skin? 

Yes, it can do. Remove by rubbing lemon juice into the affected
area. If using turmeric in a face mask, add natural yoghurt and
this seems to stop it from staining your skin.

5. How Much Curcumin in Turmeric Spice? 

Lucy Bee Turmeric contains 3.4% curcumin. A typical root
contains 2-5%.

Nutritional Information


Organic: Turmeric (57%); cardamom; ginger; nutmeg; black pepper.

Typical values per 100g

Energy kj  1211
Kcal 288
Fat 0.7g
of which saturates 0.5g
Carbohydrates 50.4g
of which sugars 4.0g
Fibre 24.7g
Protein 7.7g
Salt 0.1g
Potassium 2880mg
Magnesium 313mg
Iron 27.5mg
Manganese 13.5mg
Contains naturally occurring sugars




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28 Reviews

Alison G

Liz M

Totally love this, great for my inflammation of joints.

This is great to hear, Liz and thank you for sharing. Our Turmeric Latte Mix is ideal to use in cooking, as well as for a warming drink. We've got lots of ideas on our website, if you need any inspiration -

Rebecca C

Amazing!!!!! Absolutely delicious! Fantastic quality with no nasties! I use my mix to make a turmeric latte with oat milk! It’s delicious!

Thank you for your review, Rebecca. You're right, it is delicious with nut milks. We've also experimented with it in cooking so if you're after any inspiration then we have lots of recipes on our website - Georgia

Val B

Our Turmeric Latte is great to use in cooking as well as drinks. It 's ideal to use in curries or as a marinade for vegetables, fish and meats. We've got lots of recipes on our website if you need any ideas. Petrina


Pleasant way to enjoy turmeric

Our Turmeric Latte Mix is great to use in cooking too, as a rub or marinade, and used in bakes, breads, curries as well as being a warming drink. Petrina

Inger P

Tina P

This has such huge health benefits that I force myself to drink it! I haven’t quite perfected an enjoyable recipe yet but the latte mix is better than some I’ve tried. It is definitely an acquired taste.

HI Tina, it might be worth trying less if you're using this as a drink, for example 1/4 tsp. blended and heated with your favourite milk and you could always add something to sweeten it, if that helps. The Mix also works really well as a marinade for vegetables, meat or fish - I've used it with prawns in a stir fry which was really tasty. We've got other recipe ideas on our website, that may be useful. Petrina.


Hi, I’d love to try this product. When will this be back in stock ? X

Hi Amy, We're due more stock later this week - this is such a popular product and has been flying off the shelves! If you email, you can ask to be notified as soon as we have it available. I hope this helps. Petrina


I really recommend this product, it is good value for money, fair trade, organic and has the right mix to get the best absorption of curcumin. I have FMA and read that in studies turmeric was as effective an anti inflammatory as ibuprofen. Ibuprofen along with all other NSAIDs give me awful heartburn so with nothing to lose I thought I'd give it a whirl. After much internet research I settled on trying 3 grams a day as a therapeutic dose. Only one problem, I'm one of those people who finds turmeric tastes like dirt, I've seen it described as an earthy taste, if by that they mean it tastes like actual earth from the garden then yes they are right. So I kept researching because honestly I don't want every meal to taste like dirt and thus I stumbled upon golden lattes. I tried another brand of turmeric latte first which was an acquired taste but there were only 10 servings in the packet and a much lower percentage of turmeric meaning I needed to drink 3-4 per day to get my 3 grams, so not great value for money. Then I bought Lucy Bee,s, same price and 60 servings, great value for money but, I hate to say it, I was back to drinking dirt. However, I persevered with different ingredients and a month later I can now say I have a couple of recipes I like. The simplest is to mix a teaspoon in with a dark chocolate hot chocolate mix, it makes a hot chilli chocolate drink, I fount the milk or malty hot chocolates don't disguise the dirt flavour enough and it ruined my chai latte when I tried it with that. The best golden latte recipe I have found is 1tsp turmeric latte mix, 1tsp coconut oil, 1tsp golden sugar, sprinkle of cinnamon, make a paste with hot water add coconut milk and heat (I use the microwave but you could be flash and do it on the hob like you are supposed to). I experimented with maple syrup or honey as a sweetener but found it had to be sugar to combat that earth flavour and definitely coconut milk not cow's milk, I haven't tried it with almond milk and I don't like soy so I can't comment on that either. I hope this helps anyone else struggling to get turmeric into their diet when they too also find it tastes like dirt, I would seriously recommend you keep persevering until you find a recipe you like, it is worth it.

We really appreciate you taking the time to share this with us and other shoppers, thank you. As you've mentioned, it's always a good idea to experiment with flavours and sweeteners etc. to find what works best for you and what you like best. I'm sure others will find your thoughts very useful. Petrina

Kathleen U

Made drinks twice it’s not for me

Hi Kathleen, thank you for your review and sorry to hear that you haven't enjoyed the mix in a drink. If you have found that the drink isn't for you then we do have some recipes to use it in food on our website if you want to try them - Hopefully you can find a use for the rest of the tub! Georgia


We like it. I make ours with regular milk and a touch of honey. Nice and creamy.

Thank you for your review, we're glad to hear that you're enjoying your Turmeric Latte Mix. If you're after more uses for it then we also have ways to incorporate the mix into cooking on our website - Georgia

Charlotte S

This is delicious! Great product.

Thanks Charlotte. If you want to incorporate it into your cooking too then we have some recipes on our website like Spicy Chickpeas and Saag Aloo -

Zoe A

Was a little hesitant but wow! Made it with oat milk and i’m now hooked. ;)

Thank you for your review, Zoe - we're so glad to hear that you're enjoying your Turmeric Latte Mix. You should try using it in cooking too, we have. a few recipes on our website. Georgia

Mandy L

I love this mix. I make it with soya or almond milk

Thanks for this Mandy. Did you know you can also use our Turmeric Latte Mix in cooking for marinades and rubs, as well as using it in bakes and breads. We've got some great recipe ideas on the website www.lucbee.con. Petrina

Sati R

Great flavour

Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. If you need any recipe inspiration to use it in cooking, check out our website Petrina

Amian M

60 servings for the price is very good

Thank you for your review, Amian. We're so glad that you're happy with your Turmeric Latte Mix. We have found you can use it in cooking as well and we have shared these recipes on our website - Georgia

Julia A

Great products, I've been drinking this every day. Quite strong taste, but I prefer this to watered down versions with coconut milk and maltodextrin. My only question is how much Curcumin is in one serving (tsp)? Thank you!

Thank you for your brilliant review, Julia. We have worked out for you how much curcumin is in each serving. The Turmeric Latte Mix is made up of 57% of Turmeric (71g in a pot). There is 3.4% of curcumin in our Turmeric (2.4g) and there is 60 servings in a pot of our Turmeric Latte Mix, so each serving has approximately 0.04g. I hope that helps! Georgia

Jade M

When wanting to know your getting your healthy kick start to your day, such an incredible immune system boost, could not be without every single morning

Our Turmeric Latte Mix is one of our best sellers and when you see how versatile it is, it's not surprising. Add to marinade and rubs, cakes, breads and, of course, enjoy as a warming drink with your favourite milk. Petrina



Really yum!

Thank you! I love this as a warming drink and also use it as a marinade for fish and vegetables, or you could also try it in bakes for added spice, Petrina

Richard C

Excellent product, takes all the hassle out of having to mix the ingredients yourself!

HI Richard, that was our thoughts too! Have you tried using this as a marinade or rub as it works really well like that. It's also good to add spice to bakes or breads. Petrina



Is this safe to drink if I am breastfeeding?

HI Holly, I'd recommend chatting to your midwife or doctor about this since we're not medically trained and wouldn't want to give you the wrong advice. Sorry that I can't help more, Petrina.


Can this be added to milk heated in a microwave or does it need to be added to milk and heated on a hob?

Hi Fallon, this can be heated whichever way you prefer. We prefer to use the hob to heat our drinks. Let me know if we can help anymore. Georgia

Jude S

Can i ask how many calories in a serving with skimmed mulk please ?

HI Jude, As a guide, if you have 250ml of skimmed milk with 1 tsp. of our Turmeric Latte Mix, this equates to approximately 97.5 calories. I hope this helps. Petrina


What is in this other than turmeric and pepper please?

Hi Angela, our Turmeric Latte Mix contains turmeric (57%), cardamom, ginger, nutmeg and black pepper. It is organic and Fair Trade too and is great as a drink or to use as a marinade or rub, in bakes and breads too. I hope this help. Petrina

Anne W

Absolutely LOVE this product. I take it with my almond milk, add a tea spoon of Lucy Bee coconut oil and a tea spoon of honey! Brilliantly good and feeling

Thank you for your review - it's brilliant to hear you enjoy your Turmeric Latte Mix as much as we do! Georgia

Darren C

Mix is quite strong so only need a small amount with a cup of milk - I would start with 1/2 teaspoon

Thanks for your thoughts Darren. You can also use this as a rub for meats, fish or veg, in marinades and in breads and bakes, too.